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Apilus Platinum Pure

It's official – electrolysis is making a comeback! And it's no surprise why. With razors and shavers only acting as a temporary measure, and the results of waxing treatments often being both painful and repetitive, electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal that actually works and leaves your skin feeling baby soft.

Now electrolysis is growing in popularity again, you may be wondering which machine will be the best option for your hair removal needs. One of the reasons many people shy away from electrolysis is because it can often be painful and doesn't always work on certain skin tones or hair colours, but if you're receiving treatment from someone using the right equipment, you will have quicker and more comfortable results.

Cheaper does not always mean better. More often than not you will spend more money going to someone who is charging a low rate just for repeat visits alone. Many people who practice electrolysis complete just one small module of their level 3 qualification in beauty. Currently I hold the highest qualification in epilation that is available and I've been trained at 'House Of Femur', the only Apilus supplier in the UK. If you come to me for treatment you will find that your results will be faster and more comfortable than cheaper, less qualified practitioners who use lower range machines that aren't as precise as the revolutionary range of Apilus machines that I'm qualified to use.

The machine I use, the Platinum Pure, has been developed by Apilus. They have used state of the art technology to not only make the treatment as effective for every skin tone and hair colour you can think of, but also as pain-free as possible so you won't have to worry about the niggling pain that is synonymous with this kind of procedure. The Apilus Platinum Pure provides perfect results 25% faster than other machines on the market making it the ideal machine for anyone searching for the best results money can buy.

Unlike cheaper and older machines which only have two or three modes, the Apilus Platinum Pure has five modes; Picoflash, Multiplex, Picoblend, Omniblend and Multiblend, and further add-ons available, which are effective on hair types ranging from fine to coarse, blonde to dark. The ultrarapid 27MHz radio frequency is applied precisely inside the hair follicle which is what makes the treatment so swift and concentrated, not to mention easier and more comfortable for you.

Treatment with the Apilus Platinum Pure also comes with a tolerance test and a skin moisture sensor test to make sure that you are receiving the most effective treatment. With a faster and more comfortable alternative to other treatments, why not try out the Apilus Platinum Pure? Who said electrolysis had to be painful?

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