An inexpensive, effective, quick method of removing a number of unwanted skin blemishes quickly and above all, safely.  Using advanced Thermolysis/Diathermy.

Skin Tags, Thread Veins, Spider Naevus, warts, Milla (Milk spots) blood spots, Seborrhoeic Keratosis and Verrucas can all be removed with no down time.

£45 per 30 minutes

Price is not just for “one” blemish.  We can remove as many unwanted skin blemishes as you require within the 30 minutes you have paid for.

Some blemishes may require more than one treatment

A local anaesthetic can be applied to numb the area if required.

Aimee has obtained her VTCT Level 4 in Blemish Removal to be able to offer this safely and expertly.

Please Note: Some blemishes may require a GP’s written consent before treatment can be provided.  We have pre-written forms you can take to the GP and ask them to sign, in most cases the Doctor provides them for free.