Using top of the range machines by Lumenis we can permanently reduce hair, freeing you from the inconvenience of waxing and shaving.

  • Fast, safe and effective

  • Medical grade machines

  • Permanent hair reduction

  • Smoother skin all year round

  • Stops ingrown hairs

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Are you fully trained?

I am fully trained to level 4 in Laser & Light.

Unfortunately at present Laser and IPL is completely unregulated and many 'Technicians' from beauticians to people in the medical field believe they are trained after just a few days training with the manufacturer on how to operate the machine.   

because of this huge numbers of injuries are being reported from the use of Laser and IPL being used by 'technicians' that do not have the correct training. 

Is your machine safe?

My machine is made in Britain and does not leak radiation like machines from the likes of Italy or China.

How does IPL work?

IPL emits a wavelength of light which is absorbed by the skin and down the hair follicle, which heats up the bulb and germs cells and destroys them.  The hair will then naturally fall out over 1-2 weeks.


How many treatments do I need?

Due to the nature of hair growth not all hairs will be in the anagen stage (growing and still attached to the bulb).  Therefore, to be effective a course of 6-9 treatments, spread over 4-6 weekly intervals is required.  Once we have received the desired result, maintenance top-ups may be necessary due to hormonal changes.  Most people need 2-3 maintenance sessions yearly.


Is it painful?

Our machines are painfree.

How long does it take?

We can treat a full back within 10 minutes, unlike other machines on the market which take on average an hour.


*Please note we do not use cheap Laser/IPL equipment which can leak radiation.  Cheap treatments usually mean cheap equipment, which would leave you with unsatisfactory results.  Cheap equipment carries a high risk of burning and blistering.

*Please make sure any Therapist undertaking Laser/IPL treatments have been trained to level 4 as well as having undertaken manufacturers training.

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