If you suffer with unwanted facial and body hair, and have endured painful treatments involving tweezers, razors, threading, waxing, and/or depilatory creams, you are about to discover the solution to your problem. The Diamond Clinic electrolysis treatments can achieve the silky smooth and permanent result that you long for.

At the Diamond Clinic we specialise in permanent hair removal from every single area of the body. Electrolysis is a safe and effective method of removing unwanted hair. It’s also the only clinically and medically approved method that achieves genuine and permanent results. You no longer need to cover up or endure torture treatments just to reveal your true beautiful self. At the Diamond Clinic, we deliver a high standard of personal service and beauty treatment care so that you can radiate with total body confidence.

Everlasting Benefits

The Diamond Clinic uses the latest technology and offers a unique approach to improving appearance. Our electrolysis machine can achieve a permanent Brazilian style intimate hair removal without the need for painful follow-up treatments. As everyone is different, some clients may require just one electrolysis treatment to achieve the smooth permanent result. Most clients will need a course of treatments.

A fine disposable needle is inserted into the hair follicle, and heat and galvanic current targets the root of the hair. When the hair grows back it will be finer and weaker, and eventually it won’t be able to grow back. Electrolysis is the permanent solution for removing excessive hair growth that is caused by hormones and heredity factors. Electrolysis can successfully treat problem areas on the face and the body, including upper and lower lip, chin, jaw line, underarms, bikini line, abdomen, back and legs.


Electrolysis per minute £1 (minimum £12)